So Special is Our Journey

Each day we read a devotional called “The Journey” and most days there is something from it for us to chew on throughout the day. The following is a quote from this devotional.

“Claiming the promise of Romans 8:28 brings peace to my soul, a kind of joy that has been defined by some as ‘a pervasive sense of well-being’. Joy can co-exist with pain, peace can co-exist with uncertainty, and hope can flourish in a seemingly hopeless situation. All of this is possible because of God’s unfathomable love for us.”

The book I recently wrote “Listening in Our Circumstances” we posted online in Podiobooks. It is a free service of someone reading the book to you. (Me) You can listen for free or give a ‘tip’ on the sidebar.  BUT here is the most important part. The book was written to give encouragement in our circumstances. Last week my husband finished the upload and here are the current statistics. It is downloaded in 4 parts.

In one week, 234 persons have downloaded the 1st portion. 68 have finished the second 62 have finished through the 3rd and 64 have completed listening.  43 in the US, 4 each in UK and China, 3 in Australia, 2 in Canada, 2 in Iran and 1 each in Portugal, Tanzania, Philippines, Ethiopia and Colombia.

Most churches are 60-100 members. There are some much larger, but that is an average size. That tells me that God has used this small encouragement to minister to about 3  congregations worth of souls who needed a confirmation that God is still working in their life and that He is going to be there to help throughout, with the joy, peace and hope in seemingly impossible situations.

Pray for the peace of Israel and for the Christians who are in danger this day for living their faith around the world. I know God called me to write. This is a testament to His faithfulness to bless the message of His holy presence in every circumstance of the life of Christians throughout the whole world. I am humbled and so very grateful. Retired from a working life to live a new life of ministry until death do us part!

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