“1” o’clock in the morning

I know I did not drink any caffeine, what’s the scoop?
As long as I am up and awake now, I am thinking about David writing the Psalms. He was chased by the crazy jealous King Saul who wanted to kill him for years, and David wrote some of the best Psalms while in despair. There is nothing new under the sun. We all despair at times and are overwhelmed by the circumstances over which we have no say so or control. The book “Listening in Our Circumstances” was written about our faith in the face of the realities we live with daily. It’s not about the consequences of our bad choices, but the condition of the world in sin that makes some circumstances unavoidable. How we let ourselves think about our circumstances will either lift us up in the hope, joy and peace of the Lord and the promises in God’s Word, ‘OR’ we will let them mess with our mind and take us down. King David got down, but he also repented and got up. He was harassed, but continued unscathed as long as he made good choices. Praise God in all things. If we are living for Him, He takes the brunt and we find a place of peace again.
There are quite a few folks right now who are going through some really tough circumstances, beyond their control, but God remains faithful and in control. Keep your faith grounded in Him. He said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you!” Our God does not lie.
In about 4 hours I will get up and start a new day, but for now know that whatever your circumstance…God has your back and I am praying for you!

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