What’s in a ‘letter’?

The written word or words that convey a thought(s) about many things.

I am a fan of the newest TV series on Hallmark, ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’. The current issue of Guideposts (which Mom gets in large print and passes to me) has an article by the Producer Martha Williamson. She also produced ‘Touched by an Angel’, which never really cranked my engine.

On the last page of the article she writes and I quote. “You can hear someone very clearly through the written word. They might share the secrets of their faith or their heart. A letter can restore a relationship or change the world. Just think: half of the New Testament is made up of letters, mostly from Paul, but also Peter, James, John and Jude. Letters are forever.”

Thanks Mom, I believe I have a letter to write.

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