Exciting Duty?

There are times in this life when there are no revelations, no thrill of spiritual excitement. Our routine seems common and ordinary as we go about the work of each day. That routine is actually God’s way of keeping us day by day. Inspiration comes from Him, but don’t exploit and seek constant thrilling moments. Learn to live in ordinary circumstances by the power of God.

In our daily obedience, we do what is placed before us. We don’t do duty for duty’s sake, but because we believe God is engineering our circumstances for His Kingdom purposes. We can’t live in the high and exuberant joy of our emotions and experiences. Jesus had to get away from the crowds, the miracles, the testing, and the argumentative challenging religious leaders; get alone with His Father and be restored. Jesus had to do ordinary every day, so must we, ‘Listening for His Voice’ in the ‘everyday’, getting restored in the quiet.

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