Prayer Time

Prayer time began at 3am today. With the prayer came inspiration for time spent working on a new book. We all have some kind of internal directional handicap. It is a good thing to have a map or know that the sun rises in the east, sets in the west and moss/mold grows on the north side of a tree.

But how do we have direction for our daily lives? How do we know what to do and say each day?  Most of us ‘wing it’…it shows by the chaos and temperament of society today.

The Word of God is an ‘internal compass’ for those of us who follow the Lord. We pray and we fellowship, we study and we learn how to find our way with the Holy Spirit as our daily guide, if we learn how to ‘listen’ for the voice of the Lord. The world will see what life is supposed look like, peace in the midst of the storm, calm in chaos, joy amidst sorrow, kindness in a tense and angry world.

I want others to see Jesus in me today and everyday. I don’t always find the path easily and sometimes ignor the road signs to my own detriment and others. God help me this day to show the way, by word and deed, through kindness, joy and peace, in Jesus name.

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