True North

This is an excerpt from my new book…
We live in Florida and I know the ‘map’ pretty well, so if I get lost, my ‘external compass’, the one on the dash, shows heading and my ‘internal compass’ (the knowledge in my head) tells me if I drive north. Eventually I will run into I-4 or if I miss that eventually I-10. Now if I can run into I-75, I know that getting on that road and staying in the ‘north’ bound lane, eventually I’ll end up in Detroit, Michigan. Once I get there, because I have the knowledge, the ‘internal compass’ pretty well stuck in my head, I will wait until I come to I-94. If I were to go east, it would put me in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, but if I go west, eventually end up heading toward Chicago.

I took this written short trip to introduce the ‘map’. I was raised in Michigan, just north of where I-94 heads south around the bottom of Lake Michigan to Chicago. If I stay on I-94 it will take me to Minneapolis, where I went to college. The ‘map’ is imbedded in my head from years of traveling home, either from college or from Florida.

As Christians, our ‘map’ is the Bible, it is our ‘internal compass’. The better we know the Bible, the less likely we are to get lost. If we do get lost, we know where to look for directions and where to turn. God has given us the only ‘true north’ in Jesus Christ. Jesus told the Disciples they would be empowered with the Holy Spirit to care out the message.

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.”

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