Sunday Preparation

On Saturday evening, we take time to unwind from the work week and activity. We sit quietly and write. Sometimes I watch Hallmark channel for one of the new episodes. ALWAYS, I listen to ‘You tube’; singing all the songs we will sing in the 8:50 service. They are lined up on my ‘favorites’ and I LISTEN!  Is this music going to draw the hearts to Jesus? Will we be drawn into worship with the words? Will they stir our hearts to worship?  I pray so.

Today I posted a paragraph from another ‘blog’ that we read as part of our devotions. I want to re post on my ‘blog’ as a reminder to myself and those who read this, that my heart, soul and very life are about ‘listening to the Lord and obeying’. Reminds me of the song ”Trust and Obey”, for there is no other way, To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

Acts 7:57 Stephen was stoned because the angry crowd covered their ears. It was all over after that. It still is.
When we stop listening, we stop relating. When we stop listening, we cease learning. When we stop listening, we lose perspective. When we stop listening, we define reality solely on our terms. – Dr. Steve Harper –

Attend church today, give your heart to worship, listen, really listen during the sermon and the music and the reading of the word…God will speak to your heart, He is there and He is here now, and God is not silent. He longs to be in relationship with us, restored and whole. Tune in…allow Him to be your all in all. You won’t regret a second!


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