Blueberry Picking lesson..

After I told Rick about my observations on picking blueberries, he said I should write a book called ‘DO IT MY WAY!’ I had expressed to him, my ‘heritage’ opinion on the lack of order and good sense. They say Dutchmen can pinch a penny really tight!

I thoroughly enjoyed the morning with my friend Laurel who came to get me, picked her berries, and deliver me back home with the berries I picked. I picked 6lbs 2.2oz of blueberries.

First NEWS FLASH!—carrying a 6lb bucket around your waist on your belly is not something I would want to do for any length of time. I now have a new appreciation for PREGNANT women! I never had any children and though I’m chubby, all of me is chubby so it doesn’t count.

Second note…It wasn’t this way when I picked blueberries up north as a youth.  My Dutch heritage almost had a cow right there in that blueberry field this morning.  Mr. Israel’s and every other Dutchman who owned berry patches, fields, orchards, groves etc. planted to the property line, pruned the bushes/trees, and spaced them for maximum fruit production.  These rows were way too close together, irregular, had not been pruned, and the fruit growth was sparse. There are several black and blue marks on my body to prove the spindly protruding fruitless growths. I can just hear someone say, “If you don’t like the way we do things in Florida go back north”, well I don’t like the other trade offs, (snow) so I’ll stay in Florida and maybe pick a few again next year.

Third note…the lady who was working at the farm said that the ‘picker/laborers’ were stripping the green with the blue and leaving a lot on the ground and that’s why they cost so much. I picked for about 90 minutes and that means I would have made about $3. Now I pick real clean and careful because what I picked was $30 worth to me. No green ones (or accidental few) left those on the bush and only picked the blue ones. I used to pick 100lbs a day, at 7 CENTS a pound. $7 a day…I would have made more today if I had stayed for another bucket or two, but the money would be worth less in comparison.

Fourth note…pancakes for supper tonight with fresh blueberries and about 4 lbs in the freezer, some bagged for the neighbors who are always so kind to us and Rick’s mom. It was a fun diversion for me and with a dear friend.

Some days you just have to runaway from the regular and get a new perspective. I honor my Dutch heritage for the order and cleanliness; I honor my friends who are so kind and giving; but I honor most the Lord today for this pleasant day. The laundry is done, the beds have clean sheets, breakfast and lunch went without a hitch, got to runaway for awhile and now it’s nap time…I shall dream of blueberries for the first time in 50 years!


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