This week my third cousin graduated from college. I have seen her once in her life, BUT because she met this milestone, we have been able to get reacquainted with other family members. My dear cousin, who lived across the street when we children, her beautiful daughter and our former Pastors, my sister and myself were able to get together and find our memories together.  It was a wonderful fun occasion, of course it made me think about when we get to heaven.

EVERYONE will be family and the memories of what we shared in Christ and life He gave us, eternal life will be the family reality for eternity. God has had a plan from the beginning. Our sins and the sins of our fathers from the beginning will be remembered no more.  In our conversation yesterday, we were very aware of the sins of the past, but forever will be grateful that God has redeemed us and He remembers no more. His love and mercy are new every morning and our sins are under the blood of Christ, to be seen and remembered  nevermore, as far removed as the east is from the west, under the deepest sea. God is so good, I worship Him today and everyday. My sins are forgiven, the sins of my family are forgiven, the sins of my friends are forgiven.

Do not live in the memories of your past. Let God, by your ‘listening’ and ‘obedience’ create a future of memories lived in Christ.  When standing before Him on that day, we can rejoice in hearing ‘Well done good and faithful servant’ with no sin, remembered no more!

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