Hump day

I really dislike that term for Wednesday. Wednesday is one of the best days of my week. I get to go to a Bible Study I’ve attended for nearly 11 years. And after that we have a short service in the church called the ‘HEALING SERVICE’.  We do pray for folks to be healed, but I find that I get healed from the dust and drudgery that has attached itself to me from Sunday until today. So much has to be done everyday as a wife and friend and daughter and neighbor and sister….all the relationships we have require attention and time. Some are better experiences than others, which is normal life.

How we handle the experiences of our normal life is directly related to how we respond to our relationship with Jesus. We can be loving and kind in every relationship, if we have our life soaked in the Word, and our thoughts on things above.  The ‘pesky stuff’ that wants to attach can be easily shaken off along with any malice, if the love Christ is in us.  Wednesday is not ‘hump’, but ‘bump up’ day for me. The fellowship, prayer and Bible Study refresh the spirit and the body, making me fit for public consumption! Thank you Jesus for Wednesdays!

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One Response to Hump day

  1. Susan says:

    And thank you for your wonderful reinforcements …I need to hear in my life now.

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