Today a friend reminded me that we, (I say ‘we’ because it would never happen if my husband did not have the technical knowledge to get it done) have published 3 books in the span of 6 months, and he has published two or more of his own.  Sure enough, she is right. It seems like a life time…started August 23, 2013.

Yesterday another friend expressed the fact that she thought I was a good listener.  If not, I’ve been writing about the wrong topic.

The day before that another friend talked to us about the fact that in times past we would listen to the radio for the game of the week which we didn’t get to attend, and that listening to it on the radio was better than watching it because you were ‘actively listening’. You knew the details of the game because you heard them, and the calls made sense and the excitement held your attention, so that when the game was done, you could almost call all the plays for memory.

I wish no, I pray that I am ‘actively listening’ when Scripture is read, when the sermon is spoken, when in prayer. Also, I want to be ‘actively listening’ to those in need of support either emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically, so know how to pray. I want to say when I stand before the Lord on that final day, You called me and I went as an act of love and obedience to do Your will Lord. That to me is the best ‘active listening’!

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One Response to Friends

  1. Yes, you are listening my dear friend.

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