Listening in the Night

When I can’t sleep but am too tired to get up, I sing, in my head. If I sang out loud Rick would wake up.  The only problem is the words. Between waking and sleeping I lose them.

This morning I got up and began to listen to several of my favorite worship songs on my iPad (a gift from a dear friend). The ear plug is stuck in my ear and I can hear the words of praise and worship and let the music refresh my soul. What is God saying to me in the night hours? I believe He wants to spend time with me without the distractions of the day. I want to spend time with Him, listening and corralling my thoughts for the day ahead.  Wednesday is a busy day with a lot of personal interaction with others. We have a Bible Study at 10:30 and a Healing Service at 12:10 and then lunch. Through the course of this day there will be many opportunities to be Jesus to those around me. Definitely will have opportunity to pray with someone or several. Doing the spiritual bathing in the night gives me the freshness needed to walk through the world in peace and with great joy; the resources necessary to be what we called to be, witnesses unto the ends of the earth!

Bless the Lord oh my soul, Bless His holy name!


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