Sunday was Easter and we celebrated our risen Lord and all that His sacrifice means for us. Not all celebrations are equal as we soon find throughout our lives. That first child gets a birthday party with a cake and a candle, and they get to make a huge mess if they so choose and then mom gets to clean it all up again.

The problem with birthday celebrations is they keep coming. It is the spiritual birthday I want to talk about today. We come to that day and we celebrate in joy the forgiveness of our sins and the fact that Jesus has come to cleanse us, to clean up the mess we have made of our lives.  Our only problem remains within ourselves as we continue to make messes. Jesus is still there helping us day by day to make the right decisions and it takes a long time for us to grow into the spiritual adults we should be in His sight.

Our parents didn’t let us do what we wanted (if they were parents who loved us). Not everything is good for us. If we don’t listen to them, we have to sometimes have an ‘adjustment’ occasion. Sometimes that happens in our Christian walk. If we don’t ‘listen’ to the voice of the Lord we get ourselves in a bad spot and the consequences come not because He is punishing us, so much as we reap the results of our actions and behavior.

I started out with celebrations and ended up with consequences…we get to choose. Let us celebrate our life in Christ with our daily obedience. When the trials of life approach from out of the blue, we can still celebrate our relationship with Jesus and He will walk with us through it all. We can choose the joy and peace He brings in every circumstance and celebrate the joy of our salvation.

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