Yesterday, April 22nd, was my sisters 59th birthday. We celebrated all day. I gave her options and we took them all.  A Pedicure, lunch at Olive Garden, and then shopping and met friends for supper. It was a long day of just being together. We are grateful to the Lord everyday for the grace of God that we were raised in a Christian home, with parents who loved us and brought us up to be responsible adults and influenced us with their every word and action.

We as adults again get to choose how we influence others. Neither my sister nor I have children, that is physical children…but we have many spiritual children. Those whose lives we have been able to influence throughout our lives for the Gospel.  We are both most like our Dad, whose heavenly birthday is April 25. Dad left this temporal globe 22 years ago and I miss him. Dad was an amazing man who knew no strangers. He could talk to anybody about anything. He was truly interested in others. I am grateful each time there is a new person in my path, that I had his example.

I don’t remember the date of my spiritual birthday, but I do remember it happened, who prayed with me and where I was.  I remember my father fully committing himself to Christ at a revival meeting and seeing him transformed. There is nothing like that 2nd birth day. The day we meet Jesus as our Savior and I’m pretty sure there is nothing to compare to the day we meet Jesus face to face. Looking forward to it with great joy and anticipation.



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