When Jesus on the Cross cried “It is finished”, our salvation was purchased, our sins blotted out with our confession.

“It is finished” has connotations for me, this Easter tide, that I had not contemplated before. Two things came to mind immediately since we just traded in our paid for vehicle for one on which we now owe some money. I hope to follow this out with clarity.

When you make your last house payment or your last car payment, you sigh in relief. It is purchased and paid in full, but then what happens? Usually something needs fixing on the house or the car. It is an ongoing process of redemption. Yes today is Easter and Christ is risen, but He’s not done with us nor are we done with Him. Today is a new beginning of opportunity to build a closer and better relationship with Jesus.  There are now 50 days until the next church year celebration! PENTECOST….then we shall see what we have done between the Cross and Empowerment.

We do not stop working on our relationship with Jesus with this sacred and joyous day of resurrection. We begin refreshed and renewed to go on, to ‘come and see’ and ‘go and tell’ as Bishop John Howe told our congregation today. I look forward always to the next day, week, season as I grow in grace and Christ’s love, and charge myself to dig deeper in His Word, listen closer to His Voice and become a most obedient and grateful servant until I see my Savior and Lord face to face.

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