dark dry days of dismay

I wasn’t going to write on the ‘blog’ during Lent, but this is the best place for this interesting phenomenon that I have found to be true in living for Jesus. As I was reading Oswald Chambers this morning, as is our custom, this is what he had to say… “The discipline of dismay is an essential lesson which a disciple must learn. The danger is that we tend to look back on our times of obedience and on our past sacrifices to God in an effort to keep our enthusiasm for Him strong (see Isaiah 50:10-11). But when the darkness of dismay comes, endure until it is over, because out of it will come the ability to follow Jesus truly, which brings inexpressibly wonderful joy.”

Rarely is there a time like this for me as I get older, but it does happen. Sometimes the heavens seem like brass (solid, cold, hard unable to be penetrated). This is how we learn trust. God hasn’t gone anywhere, He can’t, He is in our every breath. There are times in ones life when just breathing can be difficult, but in those times, in the dark dismay of ones circumstances, HE IS THERE and HE IS NOT SILENT…listen a little closer, can you hear yourself breathing, can you feel your heart beating…is it ebbing away? If so, rejoice, HE IS THERE watching, keeping and waiting. The darkness will lift, His light will shine on again. He is near to those of a broken heart, body, mind or relationship.

Psalm 34:18 The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart,
And saves such as have a contrite spirit.

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