Thursday evening there was a ‘gal get together’ of about 10. I was the oldest, but they rounded from about 38-53 and I’m 65. One of the ladies asked if we were going to move when we retired?  I don’t shock easy, but it took me by surprise. We have planned for some kind of retirement financially, but had never really discussed what we thought we might want to do when we did retire.

We live just west of the dead center of Florida. (notice I did not say ‘left’)… It’s pretty nice here, the weather is tolerable all year around. Hot and muggy in summer, but that’s what showers and pools are for, they tell me. It started me thinking and mentioned it to Rick. We just looked at each other. We really have never discussed the action of ‘retirement’.

Last October 24, I turn 65 and for my birthday I had a published Daily Devotional in hand and started doing book signings and speaking engagements. Now, there is a second book in print and in my hand; a teaching book with more speaking engagements and book signings. (check the right side bar-they are available) So retirement just kinda’ slid through my fingers without a notice. I have #3 book on ‘Listening Still…in the Circumstances’ in the works, and #4 a Christian Romance, eventually. In the Bible, which I tend to pay attention to daily, I never saw anybody retire. Moses got to see the Promised Land as God led him up the mountain to never come down again, but the Bible said, “Moses was 120 years old, his eyesight was not dimmed and his strength was not abated.”  The disciples, all of them except Judas, died working for the Kingdom.

I think that’s how I want to go into the so called retirement years. Keep plugging away, praying, working, writing, and speaking about the things of the Lord until He comes for me. Yes my body has it’s aches and stiffness. I familiar with aspirin, advil and ice packs and of course naps, but who wrote it in stone that retirement was a requirement? I can’t physically do what I did 10 years ago, and for sure not 20 years ago, but if the Lord continues to let me live, I prefer to be useful to the Kingdom.

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