Ripples in the pool, pond, ocean

This mornings devotions began with a conversation about the ‘ripples’ our lives make. Recently one of my husband’s high school teachers passed away at 96.  She was one of the two teachers he remembers. He did high school in 3 years and jumped to college, National Merit Finalist, etc., really intelligent guy, and he remembers her, and that fondly.  (Rick does all my ‘IT’ stuff-I’m tech illiterate.)

This teacher made ripples in a small town in Springfield, Missouri for 20 years and we talked about the ripples that our lives are making. We are all responsible to ‘pay it forward’ in the gifts we are given to encourage and teach by example.

The Scripture gives us the ‘ripple’ effect that Jesus made and how the disciples also made a ripple. The Scripture tells us in Acts 17:6b-“These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also!

See his story here.

We are to have an influence for Christ, making ripples in whatever body we are placed, for the Kingdom. The effect we have on others is an essential of our faith. Are we making ripples in our pond?  Do others have their ‘thinking’ turned upside down by our speech and behavior?  Is the Holy Spirit evident in our life as we make ‘ripples’ each day?  Everything you throw in the water makes a ‘ripple’, be careful not to muddy the water.

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