Long day-great reward

Most people are very busy everyday, with work and friends and family. Today was one for me…I was awake in the night for 3 hours so the length of day has become somewhat TIRED!

Energy comes with small and great events. The seeming small things turned out to be a very pleasant gift from God. The sunset was magnificent and on our short trip south of Lakeland we saw several deer feeding by the side of the road while it was still daylight. Absolutely beautiful creatures of God’s creation. We were going to celebrate a friends 63rd birthday and see if she was headed for a knee surgery. Thank God she is not going to have to have the surgery for awhile and we had great fellowship with her and her husband who are pastors. Always a lift to spend time talking about Jesus.

Then when we arrived home and opened the mail, my second book arrived. It is the test copy of a teaching book, an example of how to hear God in Scripture. (Click the image of the cover on the right to order a copy!)

No one is more surprised than myself, to have two (2) books in print and #3 in the hopper.  Who knew?  Only the Lord knew my future and only the Lord knows your future. He has plan. He knew you before the foundations of the world. He knew you in your mother’s womb. He loved you and loves you still. His Word gives us all we need to know to trust and love and serve Him with all our hearts.

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