“Do nothing until you hear from me”…

This song came to mind as I was thinking about my day. It reminds 
me that Jesus is always aware of me and is on my side. This song 
written by Duke Ellington many years ago is a love song of 
'assurance'. I pray to be 'listening' to God's voice and hear from 
Him the 'truth' of my life and my 'circumstances'.

Do nothing till you hear from me,
Pay no attention to what's said.
Why people tear the seams of anyone's dreams
Is over my head. 
Do nothing till you hear from me,
At least consider our romance.
If you should take the words of others you've heard,
I haven't a chance.

True, I've been seen with someone new,
But does that mean that I've been untrue?
When we're apart, The words in my heart
Reveal how I feel about you.

Some kiss may cloud my memories,
And other arms may hold a thrill,
But please, do nothing till you hear it from me
And you never will.
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