That’s Life…

We’ve, well some of us, have heard the old “Life” magazine joke, about That’s ‘life’, what’s ‘life’, a magazine, how much is it?, A $1, too much, That’s ‘life’….

Life happens everyday to us all. Today the water on our block is shut off from 8am to 2pm. The city is putting in new hydrants at top and bottom of our block. I found out something about myself.  My name is Melanie Hoover and I am a ‘washaholic germaphobe’…  I had filled a couple gallon pitchers with water for any emergency, but I have been to the sink several times and just looked at the faucet because it was not going to give me water.  In fact, I actually pulled out a couple of handy wipes to clean my hands after playing with a plant on my back patio.  I wasn’t thinking about not having running water.

So…without my relationship with Jesus, there is no other recourse for washing my sins away.  The handy wipe, just got the dirt off and left me wanting to wash.  We can clean up our act, but we still need our sins forgiven. We need cleansing.  Even though memory of sin is retained by us, like the thief on the cross we are forgiven in the moment we turn to Jesus. Our sins are washed away and they are as far removed as the east is from the west.

Jesus, thank you for showing your mercy to me this day, washing away the sins that weigh me down in spirit and lifting my spirit into your presence; even when the physical water is shut down, You never shut down. I am so grateful!

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