What day is it?

There is a commercial currently showing on TV that has a camel running through an office, asking, “What day is it”?

I am not going to run anywhere asking about ‘hump’ day. Wednesday is a day just like any other. The difference is everyone knows that now their work week is better than half over when they leave for home that night.

I want to talk about ‘BUMP’ day. Today is my ‘bump’ day, it is SUNDAY! The day when we come together as the family of God to worship Him in Scripture, preaching and Music. As important as those things are the fellowship of believers and teaching are right up there giving the ‘BUMP’ up for the coming week. Hearing God’s Word, Listening for His Voice, Worshiping with joy in His presence and acknowledging Him with a contrite heart, gives us a lift or in my case a “BUMP” up for the beginning of the week. Having a time of fellowship with like-minded believers encourages my faith as I see God at work in others lives.

Because of “BUMP” day we get rested and renewed in body and spirit. If we don’t  take the opportunity to get a ‘bump up’ everyday on our own with devotions and communication with our Savior, the big “BUMP” day will not be nearly as effective. Preparing for “BUMP” day is important. We want to get the most out of the opportunities we have to climb to a higher plain each week, growing more in love with Jesus.

Have a great “BUMP” day! Sunday the day I love best!

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