The name on the building

I am not much interested in the name on the building we call church.  The “Church” is the body of Christ, believers around our neighborhood, our city, state, country and worldwide. Mission is the mission of every believer.

Fame is not the intent. Each of us must share the gifts God has given for the body, the “Church” with all. Jesus said “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel and make disciples.”  (Mark 15:16 and Matthew 28:19) We can’t make disciples if we don’t know the Word of God…it’s the textbook!  Our job as Christians is to grow spiritually ourselves and pass on the faith to those around us, no matter what our ‘church tag’ may be.

My intent for this life and what’s left of it, is to write, speak and encourage spiritual growth and discernment to the best of the abilities God has given.  Our foundation must be in God’s Word. The Scripture from Mark 9:7 which I have on the back of my first book, is taken from the story of the transfiguration.  Peter is blustering about making a place for Moses and Elijah and Jesus, but God interrupts him.  “THIS IS MY SON, LISTEN TO HIM!”  God’s written WORD to us is the foundation for hearing what God is saying to the Church today. If we learn to ‘listen and obey’ not just hear…we will grow and we will share, and whether we are Baptist, Nazarene, Episcopalian, Assemblies of God, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, et al…God is looking on the heart, not the theology. Do we make Him King of our life and love Him” with all of our heart, soul and mind, and do we love our neighbor as ourselves”?  Jesus said, these two things are the whole requirement of the law.

That’s what is going to count on that day! 

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