New sponge or not…

As I was starting to wash the lunch dishes, I got the drift of something sour… It was the sponge I was going to use to wash the dishes.  Do you know how much washing and squeezing it takes to get that sponge clean?  A lot!

As I am using white vinegar and dish soap to make it clean again, squeezing it dozens of times. It is nearly new.  I believe the Lord spoke to me about the cleansing and the squeezing to get the bacteria and the uncleanness out of the sponge, was much like how some of us (me in particular) need to get squeezed and sanitized often to be used as ‘clean’ instruments of help for others. The sponge can’t clean the dishes if it’s dirty, I can’t help others if my spiritual tools are stinky!

I’m not throwing away a perfectly good sponge because I’m too lazy to sanitize it.  The next step is the microwave.  Do you know what kind of power that is?  It cleans the microbial bacteria by zapping it with microwaves.  Sometimes the power waves that blast me seem really unnecessary, but obviously God knows better.  He knows what it takes to get my attention and how much work this life needs.

Count on the squeezing, cleansing, sanitizing of the Lord.  He loves us and His plans for us are above our imagination. He is preparing us for a wider effect in His Kingdom. Let Him do what needs to be done without whining and ‘why-ing’.  The benefits are eternal and we will smell better…a sweet savor is our offering of praise for all His benefits; the cleaning up, correction and guidance/direction.

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One Response to New sponge or not…

  1. What a great post! I also had a kitchen-sink moment with the Lord this morning, a little correction of my own needing. We get what we need if we are open to the possibility that we are likely going to need the guidance, loving discipline and caring nurture of our Heavenly Father. I so love that we share a ‘stop and smell the sponges’ moment this morning. I can see your smile from here!

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