Nostalgia fluff…

Today I was thinking about my college days in Minneapolis. At North Central Bible College then, now North Central University; I had some of the best teachers; Dr. Eastman for English, Dr. Snow, Monroe and Betty Grams, Rev. Krans, among others.

My problem with college was, I worked mostly full-time, full load of classes and I loved to have fun.  Just couldn’t seem to do it all, so I never graduated. Though the best part I believe is the churches I attended…Riverside and The Tab and Jesus People Church, where we participated in the services..and the revival of our souls.

In the fall of 1966 , Beth, a friend from California, took a couple of friends including myself to hear Andrae Crouch. Wow what a concert, what a worship service. Didn’t know a concert could challenge a persons sole desire to serve the Lord, but it did.  I still sing those songs and some of the new ones.

Although I have known Jesus since I was 4 years old, those days with peers who also knew and loved Jesus, solidified my goal to serve Jesus faithfully with all my heart to the day I leave this dusty little ball in the universe.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I give thanks for your lives and pray that His coming will be soon and we can rejoice together for eternity.

In His great love, Melanie

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