Help me…Lord of Life!

Okay, I’m not done yet! As most of you know I wrote a book last year called, “Listening for His Voice”, and I started a ‘blog’,
There is also in the works a companion book to the devotional, which is more of a teaching and example of ‘listening’ for God’s voice in Scripture, sermons, music and nature. It’s titled ‘Listening Still’ and is in the editing stage and will be out later this year. There is a novel, “Could You Love Me Enough”, a Christian romance also in editing. THIS MORNING…of all things, another companion to “Listening”, the title, “Listening Still…even in the circumstances”…Once God gets your attention and you begin to ‘listen’ to Him and obey, things start happening that are beyond your realm of imagination, and I thought my imagination could work overtime, but this is way beyond me. There is nothing about me that I consider noteworthy. Opinionated and OCD, we can agree on that, but that doesn’t make me worthy to be used in such a way. God help me! So help me God!

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