Timing is everything

God has set a time for everything under the sun. Solomon says so.  Everything has purpose, a reason and season.  This evening we ‘restart’ our weekly evening prayer service in our home. We do ‘Centering Prayer’, which is a practice of the church down through the years. The ‘Desert Fathers’ found it helpful and I myself find the need to have a period of time where I am not only still, but quiet and quieted in my mind and heart.

We open with a prayer and then sit in silence for 20 minutes.  It’s not an easy time.  One has described it like a ‘cocktail party’ going off in your head, the minute you try to be silent.  This is why we choose a word or short phrase that brings us back to our silent time with Jesus.  Another has described it as ‘stopping’ to sit with Jesus on the park bench.  He is waiting for us to sit and be with Him, but we keep running to and fro doing our thing and He is just waiting for us to sit and enjoy His company. When we sit on the park bench with Him it is pleasant and still and there is peace that cures all the frantic running of daily life.

It is much like the times when my husband and I can get away and just be together, hold hands, sit at the beach or driving in the car, not saying anything, but just being together. Almost 40 years and I still long for those times when we can leave the cares of this life to settle for even a few minutes into the ‘quiet zone’. This evening we will sit together in a ‘quiet zone’ together with Jesus and others who long for a deeper and closer relationship with Jesus.  A time that will bring our hearts into align with His, and find the joy and peace He has promised as we ‘listen’ for His voice and enjoy His presence.

It will be a good night. Peace usually reigns here in our house, but tonight it will be even better…whoever joins us, will also sense the peace of the Lord and we will pray for one another and have a short devotional.  All I can say are the words of an old commercial, and I don’t even remember what it’s for, but the words work…”TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE IT”!

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