in a moment…

In about 15 minutes the alarm will go off and we will begin our Sunday.  We get up and ready ourselves for the morning, as we do other days, but with a higher expectation of excitement and readiness.

Preparing for worship includes the daily normal stuff of showering and dressing, but it also includes ‘living in the eternal moment’.  We prepare our hearts to receive the Word of God in Scripture, music, a sermon, prayer and fellowship.  In the “Anglican” tradition, when we come into the place of worship, we kneel or bow at our seats and pray, quieting our minds, our hearts and our activity to receive what God has prepared for us this day.  The ‘living in the eternal moment’ for me is PRAYER!

The Bible tells us to ‘pray without ceasing’.  I have seen some street people who ramble continuously in conversation with some unseen entity and I imagine myself like that making conversation with the Lord, except not out loud.  Prayer is communication that actually goes both ways, so it is incumbent on us to BE QUIET so we can hear Him. If we want to hear the Lord we must quiet ourselves in a quiet environment and ‘listen’. Listening is a learning process.  When we start kindergarten we don’t listen too well, but by the time we are in the 3rd grade, we better be listening to our teacher, or like myself, be sent to the Principals office for correction. The teacher is supposed to be talking, I am not. IF ONLY we could take that attitude in our worship and our daily life, ‘living in the eternal moment’ would be the way of life. ‘Listening’ and talking with our Maker.

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