Practicing for Lent

Lent begins on March 5th in 2014 and that pushes Easter to the 20th of April.  SO, I have time to ‘practice’.

I hear the ‘voice of the Lord’ in often strange and loud ways. Today as I drove to the hardware store, I followed a city bus with a sign on the back and read it out loud to myself…”Pancake Supper, February 8, Tigertown Hanger”.  Immediately my mind went into gear.  ‘Shrove’ Tuesday is March 4, the day before Lent begins. We have ‘pancakes’ for supper. It really doesn’t matter for me to explain the ‘pancake supper’, because it is only the spring-board for my thoughts on Lent.

I have to “practice Lent”, before Lent, so I will be able to sustain a discipline for approximately 6 weeks from March 5th until April 20 this year.  I take “LENT” seriously. “Lent is a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. The purpose is to set aside a period of time specifically for reflection on Jesus Christ, His suffering, His sacrifice, His life, death, burial and resurrection.” It is much like we do for the Advent season, preparing for His first coming, taking on the form of humanity in an infant Savior.

We can never take our commitment to Jesus Christ lightly. When we do we lose.  We lose the value of enhancing our relationship with our Maker and Savior. Our daily dedication to Him and the service He has called us to, is serious business. I want to be growing in God’s grace and favor, not sliding in under the wire, as it were.

All this serious talk to myself and to you today because I heard and  ‘Listened to His Voice’, when I read out loud to myself about a pancake supper, on the back of a city bus…”Lord help me to be faithful, discerning Your will in this season of life, observing, listening and obeying Your voice now and all the year long.”

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