Sight and vision

This season has been a little wild. Not getting to the normal daily chores.  Not only do we have the Christmas season but the “TAX” season is almost upon us.  Which brings me to the ‘sight and vision.’

Mary had ‘sight’ of an angel and his message. Joseph had a ‘vision’.  Both messages with the same message and purpose. They were to be the parents of our Savior. Both were needed, sight and vision, to carry through with God’s purposes.  They had to trust what they saw and what was given them in vision for the future.

Nowadays we can’t always trust a picture, it might be photo shopped. Even a vision can lead us astray without Holy Spirit direction.  Technology was not a problem for them. They saw, they heard, they listened, believed and acted on what God had given.  Maybe it was easier because they had less tech and more time, a simpler time.  But then again, an awesome and impossible life was what they faced in their culture.

They were under Roman rule, having to pay their taxes and be partakers in a census, so Rome could find out how many people they could put the squeeze on for taxes.  There was no living off the grid, even then. It did not stop the purposes of God.  Jesus was born of a virgin, escaped a massacre, grew up and preached the Good News, discipled the twelve, was crucified, buried, rose again and is truly coming again, in spite of the rule of man, in spite of taxes and terror.  When God gives Spiritual ‘sight and vision’ to us…count on it’s fulfillment. Don’t worry about how long it takes, know that we win because God wins, He is God!

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