His ‘nearer presence’

I have to wear glasses to read. My right eye is about 375/20 and my left is about 40/20, so I can see distance very well, but up close I use cheaters. The advantage I have found is to have clean glasses.  Reading the Word of God, I receive better with a clean heart. I want to be able to see well both physically and spiritually.  There are adjustments that must be made on my part to accommodate my vision in both.

Being far sighted has great advantages, but being able to see up close and personal is just as important and in some case much more important. When I show affection for the tall man standing beside me in a crowd, it is beneficial to note visually or verbally that it is Rick! It is the same way with our relationship with Jesus. We must be able to know Him up close and personal. One day we will be in His holy presence in heaven, the absolute ‘nearer presence’, but He is with us now and has given His Words to help us along the way. We can see His love, His mercy, His kindnesses, “IF” we are adjusting to His presence. I adjust my glasses to see and listen in the natural realm and I adjust my spirit [Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.] to be in His presence and ‘listen’ to Him.

We will see His glory and grace at work in our lives if we adjust our lives to Him and His Words. Hearing, ‘listening’ and obeying bring us into His ‘nearer presence’.

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