Be Square…

Throughout the years I have seen that it is important how we build our spirit in Christ. In the construction of a building the “plumb line” and the “level” must be true or eventually the building will have stability problems and possibly take a full tumble. It must be true to “square”. If the “measurements” fall short or are too long we also run into trouble. There will be gaps if it’s too short and odd angles if too long, that will need trimming.

I love to watch construction. A church just finished a huge building project. They had I’m sure more measurement problems than I was made privy to, but one floor of the new part of the building was actually was almost a foot higher than the floor it was to attach to on the old building. There was enough distance to make it a ramp with a slight incline, but somewhere along the line, a “measurement” didn’t quite match. In this matter, it was managed well, is aesthetically pleasing and works great for wheelchairs and walkers.

In our life as Christians we need to be measuring from a foundation laid in God’s Word. If we start out with poor ‘measurements’, and the foundations of our life are not ‘plumb’ and ‘level’, the older we get the farther off the path we will find ourselves. It’s much like shooting a rocket into the sky with a specified target. It may only be a millimeter off at the start, but ends up going far and wide away from the target. I’m very glad our scientists have figured the exact measurements to get our folks back from the moon and back out of orbit.

God will speak and is always speaking, but we must ‘measure’ what we hear by His Word. We do not want to miscalculate our behavior and our belief without the “plumb line” or the true “level”.  We want to “measure up” to His calling and be a true, level and square personal witness of the Gospel.

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