Happy Distractions

I have found that many are the distractions that give us joy during the Christmas/Advent season. There are also the sad and tired and expensive distractions that would sway us one way or another. The daily news can be depressing if we let it. We can overspend and take another year to pay it off.  We can become so focused on following through with the traditions we have laid down in our past that our physical stamina is gone.

This year I turned 65.  I am well because God has kept me in good health, good eyesight and spiritually tuned up and in. As a result of the ‘tuned in’, we have about halved our activities this year. When the joy of remembering and celebrating the birth of our Savior is overcome with the burden of our ‘tradition’ we need to change something.

This is what happened to the people of Israel.  They were so steeped in their ‘tradition’ that they did not recognize or accept the Savior when He came.  I desire to be ready, not only for Christmas as the celebration of His coming as Savior of my soul, but for His second coming as the Lord of all, whether He is recognized or accepted in this day.  I want to have my attention focused on what is gloriously eternal, not what is shiny, pretty and lovely to look at in this temporal world that will rust and decay.

Our joyful relationship with Him today, ‘listening’ for His Voice, in the hubbub of the Christmas time, will last eternally…no down side to it!

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