Hear what…say what?

We are currently reading in the book of Revelation as part of our morning devotions.  Anytime I read, see or hear the word “HEAR”, my senses pick it up.  Revelation 2:7 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. And verse 11, 17, and 29 say the exact same thing, as does chapter 3, verses 6, 13 and 22.  When God repeats something that many times, it should get our attention.

My main theme in my life is to “LISTEN” to what the Lord is saying and obey.  Learning to obey is not as easy as we (Rick & I) thought it would be.  This morning, while it was still dark, the recycling truck came up the street.  I had to run the garbage can out in my ‘walmart apparel’.  Glad it was dark.  In about 5 minutes Rick came into the kitchen and apologized to me, nearly in tears.  He said when he got home last night, he felt the Lord give him a nudge to do it then and he brushed it off figuring 6am would be soon enough to beat the truck.  He was sorry he had ignored that still small voice, because that meant I had one more thing to do and in a hurry!

Revelation is written by John the Apostle in exile.  God is giving him revelation of what is to come in the judgement of the nations and peoples, most especially the CHURCH of whom we are members.  It is a not a building or a denomination, it is YOU and ME and every other person who claims Jesus Christ as their Savior.  The verses above are speaking to US!!!!!  John is writing down the sins of people who say they are believers; things that should not be done or even mentioned among us, [Ephesians 5:3] and we will be judged.

Oh hear’ dear church what the Lord is saying…what He is saying is repent and be ready for His coming!

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