First Love…

In these past few days, life has gotten out of hand again.  The holiday times seem to do that.  We have family and friends and parties and shopping to drag us away from our first love.  My first love is Jesus and I can hardly bear it when I don’t get enough quiet time with Him.

The Scripture from today in Revelation speaking to the first of the 7 churches, Ephesus, we find that their main problem was forgetting their first love.   [Rev. 2:4, But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.]  I easily remember the first time I met Rick and our courtship…it was a real high, because I had decided to never marry and here was ‘the one’ and I was going to marry.  We’ve had our ups and downs throughout these 40+ years, working on our relationship, sometimes not, but in the end when all is said and done, I do cherish him.  Rick and I stay close because we are together all the time.  I can see him, touch him, talk to him in person…call him…

When I made my commitment to Jesus and my sins were forgiven, I got high! My spirit soared.  Again, in this relationship I’ve had my ups and downs, but they were never on His ticket, but mine.  It is easy to let the things of this world take up our time because we can see, touch, taste, communicate with our natural senses.  Our natural man is honed by our constant attention to our senses.  Our Spiritual inner man is also honed by constant attention.  Although I cannot touch Jesus physically, I can read His Words to me.  I can pray and “listen” for His voice.  It is not Him who is too busy.  Take time for Jesus today and go with Him about your errands and work.  Your day will go so much better!  Rekindle that first love and stoke the flame with the Word of God and prayer.

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