Read and process…

Each morning we do devotions of several kinds. I have listed here the 3 that we do everyday online.  At the Advent season and Lenten season we add a couple extra print devotionals. We also read “The Journey“, a devotional for which Rick has written a weeks worth of devotionals, for several years. 

When we read, I ‘listen’ for what the Lord may be speaking to me. Thus the name of my book and my ‘blog’.  Usually I hear a word or two, like the title above. “Read and process,” is what I wrote down earlier this week and haven’t done anything with it, because I didn’t know, hadn’t been able to hear, or was too busy, to do what I should with those words.  It’s how I usually start a devotional, just a word or two and the Lord writes the rest as I ‘listen’ and type away. So today I want to challenge you who read this, to follow [allow me to teach you one way to hear what God is saying] that example.  If you read too much without hearing something, you have nothing to contemplate ‘throughout the day’, in the light of God’s Word that will be effectual in your life.  SO, if you hear a word or phrase while reading the scripture or a devotional…WRITE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY! Then ‘throughout the day’, watch and ‘listen’ to what God might be saying about ‘processing’ the ‘reading’ you did before your day becomes full blown.  We tend to stay far too busy in this temporal life, don’t lose the opportunity to be with Jesus ‘throughout the day’, “listening for His voice.”

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