Waiting for Godot…

It’s the middle of the night and as sleep has left me while we wait for my sister to arrive from up north, I began to think about the waiting.  It does seem endless. She is driving straight through for a 20+ hour trip.  I know there is an arrival on the horizon, but waiting seems tedious and what do we do in the meantime? I was sleeping, which makes time pass faster for me, but what about her?  She’s driving along listening to Christmas music and entertaining her cats, who are also being transported from far away to a new place.

Since it is the Advent season and we are waiting the birth of the Christ child, this waiting is even more poignant.  God promised a Savior, a Seed, His Son and we again await the celebration of His arrival.  There is excitement and anticipation, but we have not yet received Him.  Think about God’s side of the picture.  He knows what’s coming and He is also excited.  He is not anxious, He knows what He going to do.  He also knows what we are going to do or not. Are we going to receive Him with great joy?  This joy comes only with the receiving of the true gift of Christmas.  All the material stuff will pass away sooner than later, but the eternal Son of God is coming to give us an eternal and joyous place of true relationship with Him.

I will be very glad to see my sister later this morning.  She will stay for awhile here in Florida and then eventually return home to the north lands.  BUT she will always be in my heart, not only as my sister in the flesh, but in the Spirit. There is nothing that can compare to a relationship shared in Christ.  Especially our relationship with Christ Himself.  There is great joy in sorrow, peace in the chaos of the world and the assurance of God’s great love in all the circumstances around us.  The angels sang, “we bring you great Joy which shall be to all people and Peace on Earth”…let it begin in me…

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