…a gift

Today the mail brought me a gift.  I know of the person who sent it, their name and where they live.  This person I have never met…gave me a beautiful gift!  It was wrapped well in lots of bubble wrap and plastic and cotton pillow stuffing.  The gift is very fragile, but came in perfect condition.  What’s more, it is a perfect Christmas gift. I didn’t ask for it and I certainly did nothing to deserve it.  It now has a place of honor in my home and I am very grateful. It a precious porcelain, baby doll, clothed in a lovely baptismal gown and cap.

God, who wrote eternity in my heart as well as yours, sent us a beautiful gift, fragile and His mother wrapped Him in swaddling clothes to protect “the Gift” and make Him safe. Babies are fragile and need care.  God’s Gift was not only received in perfect physical condition, but perfect in every way.  We did not deserve Him.  We almost always ignore Him, until one day we find that we really need Him, to  live.  We must give Him “the place” of honor in our life.  “Grace, Grace God’s Grace, grace that will pardon and cleanse within, grace greater than all my sin!”

I know that mostly this ‘blog’ is reaching the choir, but just in case, the message needs repeating for an accidental visitor, or a wandering brother or sister…God sent His Son Jesus, the perfect gift of God’s Grace to save us, keep us and bring great joy into our lives through relationship with Him. Receive Him today and be grateful.

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