Rocks and Water

Every picture I want to sketch seems to have rocks and water.  Having just finished a short teaching stint on Psalm 18, rocks have been on my mind.  I am sure that doing an internet search for the word ‘rock’ in the Psalms, it might come up in the hundreds.  David was obsessed with his “ROCK!”  The ‘Rock’ of his salvation, deliverance, safety.  David also had a high view of ‘water’. It meant life not only to the plants, but to his life and ours.  Psalm one tells that a tree by the water is strong and bears fruit when everything else is perishing.

A game we play is ‘rock, paper, scissors’. I like David’s game better because it’s always a winner.  God is the “ROCK” of all that holds us up and protects us, and the “WATER” of the Word of God, is life and sustenance to us.

The holidays and the excess of activity tends to disorient our daily lives and in my case makes me feel like I slipped off the “Rock” and drowned in the “Water”.  Like Peter sinking in the Sea of Galilee after walking on the water, I can swim, but thank God, that He is always there in the storm to raise me back up.  He has shown us the way to stay firm on the “Rock” and be refreshed by the  “Water”.  It will be work to keep our spiritual focus during this time of the year. January 2nd you may find yourself in a blue funk, remember cry out to the “ROCK” of your salvation and be refreshed.

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