Whoa Blackaby!

Today, I am going to post an edited portion of the devotional by Henry Blackaby, “Experiencing God Day by Day.”  It’s something that I have seen throughout my life in my own desire to draw close to the Lord.  As I do, others do…that is what God wants. He wants our life in Him to draw others to Him.  The goal is always leading others to the cross.

“God’s desire is to fill His people with His Spirit so that others recognize His powerful presence in them. The presence of the Lord in a believer’s life ought to be obvious. When the Spirit of almighty God fills a believer, the believer cannot go on living as before. Others will see God. Christ’s presence ought to be so evident in our life that the people around us are drawn to us. They should want their children to be with our children because our children are being raised with a godly influence. Employers ought to want us in their workplace; people should seek us for their leader because they know us as someone of integrity before God. Our life and our home ought to be a magnet for people as they sense God’s presence with us. The more we allow Christ to make His presence evident in our life, the more people will draw near us and find Him.”

This is my desire, to worship the Lord with my life that others may see Him and find salvation for their souls, hope for their days, great joy, peace and comfort in Jesus Christ the Lord.

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