To Adhere to…

Since I am feeling a little better, I want to discuss “adhesion.” This word has significant meaning to me, since I have suffered from “abdominal upper and lower, adhesions” since I was quite young.  It is a medical term for scar tissue which tends to adhere to live and normal tissue.  If one is careful they can live fairly pain free. There are rules that come with this condition.  I have broken them regularly and paid the consequences. It brings pain. I don’t like pain.

I am going to continue in the spiritual realm, because we as Christians, “adhere to” our faith and the tenants of our faith. When we break God’s laws, starting with the 10 commandments, and stop ‘Listening’ to the Voice of Jesus, [Mark 9:7  “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him!”] we begin to have serious problems and we suffer pain. Sometimes we think we are getting away with not ‘adhering’ to what we know as righteousness, but it does catch us in breaking our relationship with God first, and then others.  It brings pain.  I don’t like pain.

I once heard a marriage counselor speak about how when we marry we become one flesh. He said it’s like gluing 2 sheets of paper together, they literally become one. That is why when we break the bonds of marriage in adultery, it has such a devastating effect on not only the couple but other many people. The pain of trying to get those two pieces of paper apart, ends in a shredded horrid mess.  The pain here involves so many, God first as He sees that we will suffer, any children involved, our and the others parents, all of our friends…much bigger circle than you can imagine.  Some say, well it’s our business and we’re not hurting anyone else by getting this divorce. It brings pain. I don’t like pain.

Definition of ADHERE

to give support or maintain loyalty
to hold fast or stick by or as if by gluing, suction, grasping, or fusing
to bind oneself to observance <adhere to the rules>
to cause to stick fast

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