..what we do for love…

I don’t know about how others function in ‘love’, my only real example is what I see in action. No matter how many times my sweetie pie says he loves me, what he does proves it.  We hear often that actions speak louder than words…children are the immediate proof. How we treat them speaks volumes above what we say to them, although don’t count them as deaf to your words.  They catch on quick if you mean what you say and follow through. It’s called ‘discipline’…that is real love, it gives direction and guidance when the word and the action match.

God the Father and Jesus the Son are the ultimate lovers…For God SO LOVED the world that He GAVE.  Jesus loved not His own life to the death for us.  Then there are the martyrs who loved God so much they would not deny Him. My love for others seems paltry, meager at best.

The world around us defines love in somewhat romantic and mushy terms. In comparison to what Christ has done for you and me, I would say that romance is just a word that really does not come close to LOVE.  Romance wants to impress by word and deed, to win the prize of relationship.  Hmmmm…then again, that does sound like God to me.  He sends His Word and His Son to win the prize of restoring relationship with us.  What He did for love was really expensive and painful.

When I woke this morning with this title…I was thinking about ‘my’ schedule and do I really love others.  Sometimes I’m not fond of people, but I do what I ought, not because I am particularly ‘loving’ toward them, but doing because of love for the Lord.  I am sure that Paul the Apostle was not really into getting beat up, going jail, getting shipwrecked and snake bit; but his love for Christ and his relationship with Him, gave Paul the ‘ought to’ amount of love to do for the Gospel and others what he would not do for himself.

Considering this morning whether I am doing life to be loved by others and accepted by them OR is my life an outcome of my love for the Lord and what He has done and does daily for me. Psalm 18:30 says “This God…His way is perfect!”  It then goes on to tell of all He is to us; a refuge, a rock, our strength, our support to steady us in the rough places and guide us on The path…THAT my dear brothers and sisters is the kind of love we need ‘to be’ for one another. Jesus Christ is our example of “TRUE LOVE” and what we do for love, especially when we don’t feel like it!!!

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One Response to ..what we do for love…

  1. Candy says:

    Excellant! Praying for you as you go through this day. Love you.

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