Unholy mind

For some reason, the longer the day the more unholy the mind. When we wake in the morning and it’s quiet, we can hear the voice of the Lord so much easier, then at noon or 5 p.m. We are bombarded with bad language, poor and even mean behavior, attitudes and words that cut and are sarcastic…all these little barbs and thorns attack our spiritual well-being. We need a foot washing or a spirit washing regularly or we become harden and crusty ourselves.

By the time the errands are done or we’ve have worked several hours, our encounters with others and with the world seem to drag on the emotions, mind and spirit.  This is one reason I advocate a devotion time at lunch.  If you work outside the home, most do these days; this half hour to an hour we take for lunch could be just the ticket.  Spend it walking and talking with the Lord while you down that sandwich or salad.  Or head to a restroom nearby and take a quiet few moments to refocus your spirit. Find a corner somewhere of solitude.

I take a short nap, about 40 minutes to ‘clean the world’s web of turmoil from my mind’.                “Thank you Lord for the break and restore my soul in rest and peace.”

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