Holding my breath….

When grief is so close to the surface, I hold my breath and pray.  Everything around me has to go on ‘hold’.  The presence of the Lord is the only comfort and solace.  Today is a dear friends 54th birthday.  She is much loved and cancer is taking her quickly and with no mercy.

I will still trust the Lord of all creation, but will miss my friend’s presence.  I hate the sin that brought the suffering, the sin we so willing embraced since Adam and Eve “thought” and “did what was right in their own eyes.”   They didn’t count on God’s Word as the only “Truth.”  God said, “If”…”you shall surely die.”  We do die to this world, but we come alive to the eternal life we so eagerly await, where there is no sickness or sorrow, in the presence of our Maker, Lord, Savior and King.

His sacrifice redeemed us from the fall, but the evidence of the “fall” is all around us, as the sin that entered in has not yet been conquered once and for all.  Looking with great hope forward to that day!  No more tears, rejoicing with the washed millions praising, and in complete and harmonious relationship once again, with our God face to face.

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