Interesting Dream

I don’t often have dreams that I remember vividly.  Sometimes the dream is the result of too much drama on TV, which I have been avoiding now for sometime.  Psalm 101:3 has finally impressed me enough that I am careful what I set before my eyes.

The dream was in ‘color’.  The father figure said, I need to do some work on the house while you are taking some time off .  So I left and when I returned, my sister spent the night. The father had added to the house all but a couple of square feet less than the full size of the house before, and it had a basement.  It was completed, finished, furnished modestly and had a celery/sea foam green carpet, very soothing.  Some of the other details have left me, but two times a ‘lion’ like figure came charging at us when we were outside the house.  They were  like female lions, pretty and their coats were flashy, no manes.  We ditched into the house and safety. The third lion was more ominous, but the father said, “get under this cover”.  I did, it was like a tapestry, but not heavy, no weight, (almost like a sheet of paper in weight) then when he had lifted it the lion was gone.

I went into the house and wondered out loud to my sister, did she think that he, the father was going to finish the basement on the old house side, the original house.  It was so nice to have the depth in the new side.  We had to straighten up the house because a small child had been there.  We put away some knitting needles so a child could not get hurt on them and then set some things back in order that had been tipped over.  I had in my hand a blue garment that I was going to launder and asked my sister if she would stay awhile.

Then next door there was a trash fire.  We watched it as it kept getting bigger and bigger, as more trash was added to the blaze, but when the fire was finally out, the burn spot on the sidewalk was only about the size of cookie sheet. I was amazed at how little damage the fire had actually done, that no one was injured and our house did not catch on fire or even smell of smoke.

I don’t actually need this interpreted, but it sometimes helps me to write down a dream. Especially one that has been so vivid.  I could see everything clearly and in brilliant color. Thanks for listening.

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