Feral cats and opossums

Yesterday we caught a feral cat; this morning a not quite mature opossum.  One is wild by neglect, the other wild by nature.  They both react the same, but one had a chance to be tamed.

I have watched children who grow into adulthood with the same problem as the feral cat.  No one took the time or interest in taming them, loving, caring, nurturing, feeding and training.  I also see adults whose nature is wild and they will not be tamed or trained, and remain rebellious and unbridled.

Human beings are a step up, in that we can choose; whether we had good parents or not so good. The life lessons we all experience give us options, whether by choice we will be feral and wild, or choose to be tame.  Our nature is to rebel.  Jesus has given us an option and the Word of God gives us the training we need to be a godly person.

But I asked you, who is better off?  The cat with a home, or the wild cat who must fend for itself?  The opossum who has only it’s nature to count on with no protection, but it’s own teeth?  I am not really fond of pets, but many of my friends and family have pets galore. If I were a pet I would be very content to be with anyone of them.  The pets needs are met, they are petted, fed, cleaned up after.  What more could you want?

Jesus has promised to protect, guide, cloth, feed and discipline us.  I think being a pet would be nice, but the option He has given is so much better.  He calls us friends, heirs with Him of eternal grace, when we come to and submit to Him.  Now that is an option!

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