Repercussions happen..

I received this letter today from a man.  I have known his family since I was old enough for familial recognition, and before he was born.  It did surprise me, but the message of our last conversation does not evade me.  He has had some really deep griefs in his life, especially the loss of their beautiful daughter at a very young age.  We all learn from the input of others, writers, philosophers, preachers, teachers, etc.  Those whose opinion we value come because whatever their input was, it made sense to us in our current condition and we gravitate to them in some way.  This happened some time ago, as I now see from his letter over Ayn Rand’s philosophy. It bit him wrongly and for that I am most regretfully sorry.  My commitment to Jesus Christ puts a lot of people off, because I am serious.  We cannot mix our faith with anything, any other philosophy, thought group or lifestyle.  I am knowledgeable about other people and their writings, other denominations, other beliefs, but must stand in God alone. Syncretism has no place in the life we live in Christ. God’s Word tells us what to do and what not to do and He is in control, not us.  He has a plan for our life and sometimes the hard things in life are what draw us to Him.  When we realize He is our hope, salvation, light, life giving water, truth, the way, our comfort and our healer, we submit to Him and do life His way.  This black and white business means sometimes we will get it in the neck.
 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
“As I had all but forgotten you and your last tirade, I find I must stop and address you….Please remove me from your contact list. I blocked you some time ago from Facebook so as not to see your overbearing interference in my life and your ridiculous point about caring for me from when ever.
     I full well understand your close-mindedness to things like Ayn Rand’s philosophy. I well remember growing up in such a closed-minded church and closed-minded people who always referred to themselves as “Christians” and “devoted followers of God”…Always ready to tell a person what to and what not to do, how to live their life and how they are not following what God wants for their life, as if GOD himself leaned over and spoke the them specifically to go over and tell “so and so”they are simply not living a Godly life.
   As it happens, my opinion of you went from a pretty decent person, if not a bit dramatic, to oh good Lord, another drama queen trying to delve into things she has no idea about and force her opinion where it’s not wanted, let alone not even close to being accurate…and then to being the worst kind of Christian for your criticism of another’s views and their own life, salvation and how they serve the lord.
    The lord said, judge not, lest you be judged, yet you seem to see fit to judge me, Ayn Rand and those who subscribe to her philosophy. You should know that just because a person subscribes to and/or finds a type of philosophy or parts therein, does not mean they are lost, or that they ascribe to or live every aspect of it.
     Bottom line is, MY God knows me, you so clearly haven’t a clue. You have no idea what my life is or has been. You like many, may think, you know, or understand, but trust me, you do not. You have not walked in my shoes, you have not suffered my pain or grief, you have not even lived anywhere near me to see my path, and you dare to judge and offer me “advice”???
     It’s wonderful that you can sit and espouse, even print out booklets on “how to _____”, that great, people will be blessed I’m sure, but that does not blesses nor creates a path to heaven for the the judgmental person writing the material. Just as you publish your points and opinions, it is God who will use those points, words and opinions to speak to the hearts of people, and those people will take what they need, which is NO different to Ayn Rands teachings. God can and does use her philosophy, writings and opinions to speak to their hearts and minds.
    Many many people I associate with (non-judgmental and not overbearing), have found a clearer path and a peace in their Christianity to Christ due to her. It’s the judgmental and ridiculous emotional outburst of drivel like you posted to me that drives and turns people off to Christ, turns them to refrain from wanting to associate with the church body. Putting harsh limits and such strict opinions only causes people to turn away from Christ. My Jesus neither cast a stone, nor did he condemn, he taught. My Jesus did not turn away, but said, climb down for I’m coming to dine at your house today!  My Jesus asked to be a part of my life, not to control my life. My Jesus asked to come along with me, not for me to stop living, but to bring him into everything I do, which includes my joy of various philosophy’s and teachings. It also seems that MY Jesus also said “I have other sheep you are not aware of”…I’d be careful of who you judge…All that being said, I hope God blesses you, and the work you do….but please you have no need to include me in any of your contacts. My God will see me though.”
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