‘Opinionary’… not Commentary

This morning as Rick and I did our devotions and were discussing the Scriptures, he said, “you should write an ‘Opinionary’  since you can’t really call it a ‘Commentary’,”  they are reserved for highly educated seminarians.

I always have an ‘opinion’.  It irritates some considerably.  With an active mind, and a ‘listening’ ear, the process just happens.  I don’t always, and in fact, less and less speak it out loud. But I do write it down for my benefit.  I believe the Lord is speaking to us at all times.  If we are ‘listening’ we will form an opinion of what we are hearing and seeing in our immediate circumstances.  That is called ‘wisdom from God’.  Doesn’t necessarily mean that I will always be wise, because I’m still in this natural body with my natural mind.  It would be nice to be in a constant state of the supernatural, but then I would be no earthly good for the kingdom.

Rick has a pretty good mind and a very quick and quirky sense of humor…I love that about him..

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