Anxiety versus Peace

This very moment, I am anxious, yet strangely at peace.  We have a dear friend who lives in Alabama who went to South Carolina to see grandchildren and great grands and ended up in the hospital.  Had some tests done earlier at home, but is bleeding now and in ICU  in Spartanburg.  His wife is going to be well taken care of while he’s in the hospital, but I can’t get there.  When they lived anywhere in Florida, I could hop in the car and be there in no time.

It is not my job to be there!  When did that revelation hit me? If God wanted me there, my friend would be in Florida somewhere or He would have arranged for me to be just traveling through Spartanburg at the right time.  It is ‘God’ who is there with my friend and that gives me great peace in the midst of the ‘unknowing’ here.

SO maybe my concern and nosiness is exactly that and not really anxious.  My heart goes out to them in prayer and concern, but they have known Jesus for many many years and their trust is in Him.  The peace of the Lord will reign in this day, in that place and this.

Father, I place our friend and all his family and friends which includes Rick and me, in your loving care and hands. We love and trust your call in this matter. Thank you Lord for always being with us.  Thank you for your grace that saves us.  Our lives could not be in better care.

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