Watch out for flying debris…

Today Mr. Blackaby, (thanks be to God he was found and is getting care for his health problems) had something to say that some people will not receive. Correction by a brother or sister in the Lord is sometimes necessary. It does not mean they don’t love you, it means they DO LOVE YOU! If the shoe fits, better wear it gladly and be kind to one another. (unless a good ministry of ‘slapping’ is in order) NOT!

“If you cannot accept the truth that God loves you, you will be limited in how you can relate to Him. When He disciplines you, you will not take it as an expression of His love. Rather, you may resent Him. When God says no to a request that is less than His best for you, you will conclude that He doesn’t care about you. Without a clear understanding and acceptance of God’s love for you, you will be disoriented to Him and to what He wants to do in your life. If you will accept God’s love, however, you will be able to return love to God as well as to others.”

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